Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bear with me

The farking freelance client wanted the entire course restructured before Friday. I'm working my ass off every night into the wee hours. It's also Ethan's last week at school, so there's the Christmas Program, and a half-day to deal with. I'm also working at Beef & Boards Tues. matinee, Fri matinee, and Sun. eve. Then, the Indianapolis Children's Choir has their giagantastic Christmas "Angels Sing" 1000 children singing beautiful Christmas music , which entails a dress rehearsal last night, call at 5:30 (which meant dinner at 4:30), a TV taping tonight, call at 5:15 (which means dinner at 4:15-HA! He gets home from school at 4), and performances Friday and Saturday.

We don't even have a tree, or a single decoration yet. It looks like the Grinch lives here.

Tonight is the last night of it, as I'll be at the Beef all day on Friday, and won't be able to work on it during the day. I was up way late last night, and will have to be tonight, as I'm driving the choir carpool this evening, and won't be able to get started until the kids are in bed.

Last night I went to Ethan's school for the first 5th grade exchange meeting. We found out that they will be going to Normandy, in the Northwest of France. My niece did her exchange there in 8th grade last year. It is an absolutely charming, traditional French village, where everyone walks everywhere. I'm so thrilled for him! It'll be in early March, and he'll be living with a family and going to school with their child, and having lots of field trips (the WWII history around there is unbelievable) with his American counterparts as a group. They also get to see a bit of Paris.

THIS is why I'm so sleepless my eyes feel like they're floating in soup. THIS is why I'm doing it. And you know? Telling myself that DOES help me get through it. It actually does.

Wow. Weird. This is what it feels like to be an unselfish person. I'm a nice person, I'm even a really generous person, but it's not often you have the chance to sacrifice your own basic needs (sleep, food, showers) for someone else directly. You do that when you have infants, but once they're older, you don't need to so much. This feels new somehow, though, and I'm not sure why. I'm too tired to think it through.

I just need to make it through tomorrow without falling asleep at the wheel. Then I can start my Christmas shopping! Whee!

Sorry I haven't been more attentive to this blog. See above.


Anonymous Erica said...

Just a few...more...days...

Right? RIGHT? You can do it. I can do it. And I bet that Ethan will treasure his exchange trip for the rest of his life. What a lucky boy to have parents like you two.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Tracy Lynn said...

If necessary, I am willing to go to the freelance client and bust some heads on behalf of you and your family.
You can do for a few days what you couldn't imagine doing for a lifetime. I didn't make that up, either.

3:59 PM  
Blogger yucaree said...

you are such an unselfish person -- and don't ya forget it! i don't know how you can stand my whining over at my blog when you're clearly much busier and tired-er than i am from all the running around and actual real parenting you do! seriously, i totally admire you. :)

and i'm so glad to hear that you've finished that dang freelance job. yea, money!

p.s. ethan must be so excited about his exchange trip. i wish more kids could do that to understand the world and its people better. wouldn't that make the world a better place?

12:19 PM  

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