Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Must See and A Vision

This? Completely and utterly rocks.


I don't intend for this to be a political blog, but every once in a while, I might celebrate a searingly-well-said expression of something I'd like to say, but don't have the necessary political vocabulary to do so.

This morning on the news, there was footage of a little 4 year old Pakistani boy being rescued from the rubble. They showed the micro-camera footage from that teensy wire-like thingy that they lowered through the cracks to see if anyone was down there, and there he was. After how many days?

Simon's age.

BIG eyes and beautiful, this little little boy, still alive, and dearmercifulspiritIdon'tevenbelieveinanymore - what that innocent child must've gone through, huddled there for days all alone in the dark, with no food or water, I don't even want to comtemplate.

It really got to me. Thinking about my own small boy, and how I would feel, and how he would feel.

Or if I lost him.

And there are entire schools filled with children who are now gone. Those buildings are just dust. Flattened.

Sometimes, the sadness and the helpless fury over what goes on in this world, whether through natural phenomena or man's inhumanity, they make it difficult to breathe.


Blogger yucaree said...

i know what you mean about this because the boy is also 4 (almost 5). it tears my heart out to see children suffer, and then tears it out again when i think of even the slightest possibility that my child might have to suffer even a fraction of what these children have gone through.

it took me days and days before i could even watch the news after katrina hit because i just couldn't stand to watch all those little babies and children laying limp in their mothers' arms.

what does a mother do when she sees such injustice in the world?

10:44 AM  
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