Sunday, October 02, 2005

Monkey Trampoline is totally the name of my next band

Look at that blue sky. Look at it. Gracious!

This unbelievably gorgeous day was followed by one of those Midwestern sunsets that has only been rivaled, in my experience, by the sun sinking into the ocean, framed by the cliffs, on the isle of Corfu, in Greece.

Here in Indiana it's so dang flat that the horizon goes on forever, and the late summer sunsets look like a giant celestial rainbow has lowered itself and stretched out for a lazy pre-dinner nap. And at the very end, just before it's alltheway dark, there is this amazing imperial purple stage, with just a hint of a poppy red semi-circle where the sun has sunk below the horizon.

There's a lot I dislike about Indiana, politics and humidity and rednecks and too-much-sports-not-enough-arts issues, but the sunsets rule.

... As do enormous, inflatable monkeys on trampolines.

And little monkeys too.


Blogger Diana said...

Ok... I have to say hi now.
Found you via SPD - love that site. And imagine my surprise to see a fellow Hoosier gal!
Hi Grudge Girl. Saint Franny here. :)

Born, raised, grew up and lived in Indiana til I was 31. From Anderson, but lived in Indy and Nashville. Went to Ball State and IU.
39 - no kids (yet...?), living in RI now.

Am really enjoying your posts. Not only are you a comrade, but, so far, seem to be the other pea in my pod. ; )

So, ok - what IS the deal with mean old ladies, who have no edit button???
I've met several of them myself.. I think they have a community somewhere, like Jim Jones's People's Temple, where they teach them this shit. And when they graduate from The Temple, they're told - Go Forth and Be Nasty!

Replied to this post because, while I'm glad to be out of Indiana - for a lot of the reasons you list, there will Always be an appreciation for certain things about it... especially having lived in Nashville for 6 years.
(don't get me wrong - plenty wrong with RI too - namely, today, said humidity that is KILLING me.. i'm melllllttttting)

Have a groovy day.
Glad to make your acquaintance.


5:12 AM  

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