Thursday, October 13, 2005

Je Suis Une Dork

Simon and Charlotte are leaning back on her lavender fuzzy pillow. This was her birthday present from both the boys, because every time we go to Meier, and pass the bedding aisles, she goes INSANE for these things, and pats them, and strokes them, and makes cooing noises, and lays her head on them in the sweetest fashion. The thing looks like someone skinned a muppet, but that's okay. It makes her really really happy. And that's a good thing.
Striped Tights!
New Birthday Rug!
Because I had to cheer myself, and not think about Luka for a few minutes.
You know what I do with the carpool kids when I am in a bad mood in the mornings? It started last year one random day, when some muse of dorkitude sat on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. As I whooshed down the highway, I pulled up even with this, like, 24-ish year old guy who looked just as grumpy as I, and, to the shock and awe and utter embarrassment of all the kids (7 including Charlotte - though I guess she was too little to know what was going on) I proceeded to wave spazzily at him until he noticed me, and finally cracked a grin and waved back.
I was in my pyjamas, with my bed head and my glasses on, and I looked like total hell, waving like a loon at this guy. But it was fun!
Salute, my brother!...working for the man! But random joy still reigns!
I talked the youngest kids into doing this with me, and pretty soon they were ALL into it, with the right and the left sides of the van vying to see how many people they could get to wave back at them. Once we were off the highway, and stopping at stoplights, they included pedestrians in their contest. HA! The hilarity of these peoples' surprised faces, and then near-universal delight at the sight of a vanload of kids waving maniacally at them. It was so bitchen!
I have to be in the right mood (sleepy/grumpy but ready to laugh my way out of it), but we still spread the love in this fashion every once in while. It's quite the mood elevator.
I think I'll have to be proposing a game when next I drive. Because I feel like I am living in an after-school special, and it's seriously bumming me out. (See below.)


Blogger Candace said...

What a fabulous way to spread the joy!

9:11 AM  
Blogger yucaree said...

that's so great! if people look sincere, i always wave back when they wave at me from their car. and i love waving back at kids because you know they're getting a huge kick out of it.

11:10 AM  

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