Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Barmy Cat and Dust Bunny

Today Spooky lost her marbles.
The. Pat. Mat...
Cannot. Look. Away!
It looks like water, but my paw isn't getting wet!
Heh. About an hour ago, I looked over and noticed that Spooky had poofed up all big and scared, and was twitching at Charlotte's pat mat. Every once in a while, my poor little freaked-out feline would bat at it with a frightened but inevitably curious paw. And then jump back and watch the mesmerizing foam sea creatures float around in the incomprehensibly un-wet water.
An hour later, she's still at it.
There has been no diminishment of her interest or intensity. Simon and I are sitting here watching her. This is hilarious! She's digging under it now, trying to feel the water that she can see, but not touch. She's circling it, and working up the courage to walk on it... I do believe she's learning cause and effect!
You know, Charlotte won't go near it. She's too busy strewing the bathroom trash around the house, and climbing things.
I'm glad it's amusing somebody!
Side note: Charlotte has a compulsion to squeeze herself into the darkest, tightest nooks and crannies. She is like another dust bunny. Wherever we go, she will head immediately for the perimeter of the room, and sequester herself in a dim corner. She tries to crawl back behind the toilet, for goodness' sake! She also has to manically investigate any container of trash she comes across. She just digs right in, and wings things over her shoulder in her quest to reach the bottom of this! No pile of rubbish shall go un-rooted-through! Same thing with full-to-overflowing laundry baskets! What's under there! What's behind that! What are you hiding from me?!
I'm wondering if her fascination for places we don't normally inhabit, and things we throw away, is going to translate into some future career path.
Found Object Artist?
Bag Lady?


Blogger yucaree said...

it's a good thing charlotte has never been to my house because if she squeezed herself into any corner of any room or behind the toilet, she would come out INCREDIBLY filthy! with all the dust around here she really would be another dust bunny, albeit a cute one!

10:52 AM  
Blogger Tracy Lynn said...

Special Investigator?
Historian? Journalist?
The career prospects for a good muckraker are endless...
My calico, Franny, has spent the last two days following me all around the house, meowing and purring. I have no idea why, normally she only wants me to pet her at 4 am, but now she wants to be my best friend. Maybe she wants one of those wet mats....

12:11 PM  

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