Monday, January 16, 2006

I'm it!

I've been tagged. Thanks, Tracy Lynn!

4 Jobs I Have Had
1) Student Group Tour Guide for the City-County Building, including tours of the courts, jail and lock-up!
2) Initial Interviewer for the Public Defender's Office, specializing in the crazies, the drunk, and the incoherent
3) Freelance Course Writer
4) Teacher

4 Places I've Lived
1) Indianapolis
2) Naperville, Illinois
3) Bloomington, Indiana
4) Indianapolis

4 Movies I'd Watch Again
1) Sense and Sensibility
2) Spirited Away
3) Moulin Rouge
4) Harold and Maude

4 TV Shows I Like
1) Project Runway
2) America's Next Top Model
3) King of the Hill
4) Malcolm in the Middle

4 of My Favorite Foods
1) Chicken Krahi, Onion Bhaji, and Garlic Naan
2) Dark Chocolate of the expensive variety
3) Spaghetti Carbonara (in Italy)
4) Baked Brie and Crusty Baguette

4 Places I'd Rather Be
1) France
2) Venice
3) Japan
4) Minnesota (WHAT?! I love snow!)

I tag Yucaree, Suburban Misfit, and anyone else who'd like to participate. All are welcome! All are welcome!


Blogger yucaree said...

i did it, i finished my first "tag." but then i didn't know who to tag! hee hee!

11:53 PM  
Blogger Tracy Lynn said...

I'd give anything to have seen you as the PD interviewer...and, come to think of it, the student tour guide.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Candace said...

Oh, you!

You're going to see some similar items in my list, chickadee!

8:22 AM  

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