Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My carrot

Today is the ultimate pain day. Crunch day. Barf day. No sleep day.

As one of the many ways I'm coaxing myself through this, I'm going to dangle the following blog carrot out in front of myself. Well, a carrot won't work, will it? Um... OK, imagine it's a box of dark chocolate-covered lime/lemon/orange cremes. With a few maples and vanillas thrown in.

But I'm still the donkey in this scenario.

Anyway, as we approach the holidays, I leave the following point for you and myself to consider:

My Uncle Bert:

Loveably laughable old blowhard; ludicrously pitiable drunken windbag; or treacherous, racist, misogynist, greedy, wicked villain single-mindedly bent on glorifying himself and destroying me?

If I finish 2 units of my freelance project overnight tonight, and the rest by Monday, I will allow myself the pleasure of exorcising this particular MAMMOTH grudge, thereby relieving myself of my Uncle's odious hold over my psyche and growing one step closer to freedom from obsessive revenge fantasies.

Can I do it?

We'll see.


Blogger Tracy Lynn said...

Girl, you can totally do this, because I now desperately need to know what the deal is with your Uncle Bert. I hereby pledge to send you the aforementioned box of chocolates if you finish.
Go, girl, go!

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Ozma said...

I think that might work--the Uncle Bert thing--but I'm just more rat-like in how I respond to pleasure so the chocolate would work more.

I'm also greedy. So I'd need about a box a day of chocolates to get anything done.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Erica said...

Not to get all Bob the Builder on you, but as re: the question, "Can [you] do it?

Yes you can!

6:34 PM  

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