Thursday, October 27, 2005

Madonna Bonding

The other day, driving Ethan home from his choir practice, I changed the radio from NPR because hello! pledge drive! (I'm a bad bad woman, mooching from the public airwaves year after year without contributing.) and I was caught by surprise by the very exact beginning of a song that sounded extremely promising.

There was a sudden vacuum in the van as Ethan and I simultaneously pricked our ears foreward and sucked in our breath with excitement.

"Is that ABBA?!" I wondered aloud with wonder. "I think that's ABBA!"

(Oh. You don't even know. I wish I could provide you with a verbal montage here, set to the tune of "Waterloo," of all my hilarious, crucial, and heart-warming childhood moments that were soundtracked to ABBA.)

"Wait a second... is that Madonna?"

"I don't know Mom, but it's really good."

"I think that's Madonna. AND ABBA!"

"Shhh, Mom, this is a really good song."

"Oh my god. ABBA! And that IS Madonna! I know it is! She sounds great!"


So we pulled up into the driveway, cranked it up, and just sat there in the van until the song was over. Well, I wasn't ONLY sitting, of course. I was actually dancing while sitting down. Spastically. I'm sure anyone driving by would've had a nice chuckle at the nondescript little mini-van rockin' out in the mild-mannered driveway. And you know what? That song, to me, hearing it for the first time and being all on-the-verge-of-a-heart-attack over the sheer dance-club awesomeness of it? Was just about as good as sex.

No lie.

Back in my single days, I used to go out dancing to the same club every Saturday night, all by myself, just for the euphoria of dancing for hours. Being blissfully trance-dancing to really good dance music has always been akin to spiritual ecstasy for me. And, ridiculous as it may sound to some, the new Madonna single brought that all back to me. I would work out WILLINGLY to this music, and I hate working out with the fire of a fafillion suns.

But best of all? Was Ethan's reaction. He LOVED it, just as much as I did. He ran inside with me, right to the computer without either of us saying a word, and stood by me as I found Madonna's website and then we listened to it again, over the shoddy little computer speakers.

I was an opera major, originally. Have I disclosed this yet? Yes, I am an erstwhile opera diva.

I still do weddings, occasionally, but that's about it. Other than my occasional shower concerts. It's generally okay, but sometimes I miss it. Keenly.

So it's exceedingly cool when I am able to share musical moments with Ethan, who has inherited his vocal talent, and his musical taste, I feel safe in assuming, from me.

This is new, this bonding over shared amazement at new singles; this unspoken understanding of the lure of heavy bass lines, sparkling ABBA samples, and irresistible chug-chugging percussion.

My boy likes dance music! I'm so proud!

I can't wait to take him to his first real concert. Viva Madonna!


Blogger Tracy Lynn said...

Obviously you are doing the child rearing thing right- YAY You! I felt the same way when Zoe asked me to burn a copy of Standing On The Beach The Singles by The Cure. And again when we both started singing along to Vertigo by U2 and I realized that I had been listening to them at Zoe's age.
Genetics are awesome.

12:25 PM  
Blogger yucaree said...

JR loves passing along his love of music to the boy. although hip-hop only makes up a small portion of the music we listen to, the boy seems to gravitate most to this genre. he totally starts dancing hip-hoppish and gets this intense look on his face. it's really funny.

i've not yet heard the new madonna single. come to think of it, when did i stop listening to madonna?? i remember back in the day that's all i listened to!

5:57 PM  
Anonymous Erica said...

It's important to start them out right, isn't it?

8:46 PM  
Blogger philbug said...

I knew about the pink floyd thing, but had no idea it had been soo researched. veddy interesting. What new Madonna Song? I must go look.
Also, thanks for the advice on the site. later, xophilbug

11:18 PM  

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