Monday, September 19, 2005

Cannot! Stop! Blogging!

I am filled with posts. This morning I actually got OUT of the shower to jot down a note about something I wanted to post, so that I wouldn't forget. I get lots of great ideas in the shower. So now I have a stack of notes next to the computer. I can barely keep up. This blogging thing is so new to me, so maybe that's part of it, but I cannot stop. It's so... satisfying. I never got into journaling, I guess because my handwriting could never keep up with my thoughts. But I type pretty darn fast, so this is much closer.

Also, as a writing exercise it feels GREAT. I tried this once before, about a year ago, but I had been reading several of the great blogs, by the famous blog foremothers, and my first attempt was pitifully derivative. I was so posing, and it showed.

This time, though, I'm using my very own voice, and I like it. I'm proud of it. My best friend in all the world said that it's like scrapbooking (her own newfound creative hobby). I think she's right. Without the glue, though, and the fancy scissors. Also: cheaper. But I'm jotting down all these random moments and memories and events, along with some pictures, and making something out of it. Something I'm pretty sure I'll be proud to keep and show my kids some day.

Thanks to Dooce, and Mimi Smartypants, and Suburban Bliss, and Fussy, and Finslippy, and JenandTonic. Thank you for showing me what a great blog looks and feels like. Thanks for introducing me to a medium that is already making it easier for me to fall asleep at night, because now I have someplace to put all those random thoughts. And most of all, thanks for giving me the tour of a place where I can be creative, and prolific, and explore the newfound me that I kind of like for a change.


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