Friday, September 16, 2005

Shameless Plug

This is a shameless plug.

One of my long-ago, and rather recently rediscovered sister-friends now lives out in LA and makes the absolutely MOST adorable little girl tutus and peasant skirts for girls and grown up ladies. She sells them in boutiques, and via this website:

She gave Charlotte the tutu at my shower, and it promptly was displayed on the shabby chic peg rack in a position of prominence. It is just that decorative. As of yet, I can't put it ON Charlotte, lest she pluck the fanciful daisies off the tulle for an afternoon snack. But we're ALMOST at that stage, and I can't wait! O, the photos!!!

The purple skirt is 12-18 months, so... any day now, once Lottie-Lula decides to grow just enough more to move from eensy-weensy-teensy, to just eensy-weensy. The orange skirt you can't see properly, but there are little bitty spiral lollipops, and whimsical duckies in the print. So CUTE! It's a 3. So we'll be hanging onto that one for a while. I originally bought it for my niece, but then I just kept looking at it, and finally I couldn't part with the utter darlingness of it. Sorry Annabelle! Heh.

For my funky, 5th-grade-teaching sister-in-law, I purchased a vertically rainbow striped number that went down quite well on the first day of school, with a nice white tee and a denim jacket. She loves it.

The little pink hat was a shower gift from Dana's mom. She knitted it herself. The whole dang family is awesome and crafty. Anyway, I just had to network just a titch for my galpal. You go, Dana, with your mad sewing skillz!


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