Tuesday, September 06, 2005

No Grudge Today... Crushing Instead

Last night I fell in love - well lust - um... both, sort of - with Gene Kelly.

As I was flipping through the channels trying to find something to fall asleep to, I came across an incredibly beautiful balletic dance number in the middle of "Singin' in the Rain." I just sat there mesmerized.

Gene Kelly is HOT!!

Why did I never notice that before? That was a MAN, people! He was so graceful and elegant and freaking masculine all at the same time. The way he moved... le pant, le pant.

And then, this morning, on the Today Show, did you SEE Harry Connick Jr.? Did you see that man?

He's doing his little report for Katie and Matt, on location in New Orleans, touring his dad's flooded neighborhood in a little boat, and somebody sees an old, naked man just sitting on a porch in a daze, all alone. So Harry goes to him and brings him a shirt and freaking picks him up and CARRIES HIM LIKE A LITTLE CHILD across the water to the boat, to take him to safety, all the while expressing no shock or dismay - just talking to the man with matter-of-fact care and neighborly assistance. He spoke to that man as though he were in a three piece suit, and thereby helped him to retain his dignity.

That was such a beautiful thing I just saw, I have been moved to tears once again. Harry Connick Jr. is my new imaginary boyfriend.

Along with Gene Kelly.

Let's all appreciate the warm, dignified, elegantly athletic, gracefully masculine men amongst us, shall we? They are rare. And they are aMAzing.


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